IS BALI SAFE? (Should you travel to Bali in 2022?)

Can you travel to Bali in 2022? Yes! With a Visit e-Visa (B211A) and a 5-day quarantine…But is Bali even the right place to travel …


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24 thoughts on “IS BALI SAFE? (Should you travel to Bali in 2022?)”

  1. Well if your that scared of mother nature you should just stay home and wrap yourself in cotton wool,by the way doesn't the west coast of America sit on the San Andreas Fault line and the lower East Coast get Hurricanes and the Mid West get Tornadoes ,geez I don't know how you leave your front door of a day you must be scared and feel unsafe every single day

  2. Yikes, not sure you should go back to Asia. Much of what you talk about is also true about Thailand. I can't watch more. This is just too much angst for my taste. I feel very safe in Thailand.

  3. Another video full of whining. Please name me a country without natural disaster. It seems she picks on the small things. Like there no dangerous beach where she lives? By her logic hawaii is to be hated coz we can get bitten by sharks. Paris is disgusting coz they eat snails. Etc

  4. I was super excited to go to Bali as most of my graduating class from Florida were all surfers and had all been numerous times and they had absolutely fallen in love with it. I worked after school the entire year to save money for the trip and was amped to go but now I'm so depressed I may just stay home and shoot myself lol

  5. I've been to Indonesia in 2015 & 2018. I visited Indonesia with the aim of exploring and adventuring, not for vacation or honeymoon. However, I have not explored Indonesia 100% because it is vast and also very diverse. Each region in Indonesia has different tourist or natural attractions, as if entering a different dimension. It's hard to explain, the point is when you go to Indonesia, what you visit with other regions in Indonesia is definitely different.

    What made me so interested in Indonesia? The answer is nature, because nature in Indonesia has very clear differences in each region. Some even look strange, unique and absurd and there are lots of hidden places to explore. For me, Indonesia is very suitable to be used as a place for adventure, explorers and get unexpected experiences.

    My personal conclusion about Indonesia:
    Indonesia is like a very beautiful Queen, very graceful, very charming, very attractive, very stunning and very cool. However, keep in mind that although the Queen almost looks perfect, on the other hand the Queen also has a dangerous nature (Many natural disasters in Indonesia have been recorded internationally and even get the title of the most frequent and the most violent). When the Queen is asleep, the Queen looks extraordinary and fun to approach but if the Queen wakes up from her sleep, it is certain that there will be a sign of danger because the Queen is in a tantrum.

    Note: Although Queen often tantrums when she wakes up from her sleep, this is what made me fall in love because of her very different figure. I've also visited Thailand, Philippines and Japan, but the Queen in Thailand, Philippines and Japan is not as fierce as Indonesia. If you visit Indonesia, be careful with the forces of nature because we don't know when and where the Queen rages. Because if the Queen has gone berserk then she doesn't know tourists or locals. I can only hope that the Queen doesn't run amok and doesn't harm locals or tourists. Amen. 🙏
    Every tourist will have a different experience when visiting Indonesia.

    I love Indonesia ❤️ (Mysterious Queen Land).

  6. What a negative video. Of course the things you mention are possible as they are anywhere in the world and the dog attack sounds truly horrific. But to be so overwhelmed by fear of everything must have severely detracted from the many wonderful things to see and do in Bali. The warm friendly people, the interesting culture, the yummy food, the magnificent countryside, spectacular temples and the stunning beaches to name a few. And just the sheer adventure of learning about all of that puts any danger into perspective. I feel really sorry for you that your life is so full of anxiety and fear and while researching all the dangers of Bali you didn't bother to research the correct pronunciation of the places you discussed. I hope anyone watching this balances it with watching more positive and balanced videos and articles.

  7. I had lived in the most livable city in the world for 4 years. But I can never say no to Bali ❤️ I have been addicted to Bali for so many reasons… the hospitality, matah sambal, scenic paddy field, weather…

  8. From your continual mispronunciation of Bali place names I suspect you were in Bali for 10 minutes. Before moving here from Australia 15 years ago my home was broken in 3 times, I was forced into pretty over the top travel restrictions in the USA post the twin towers act, and I still braved the universe travelling to London and Paris after one of their terrorist events. Loved visiting San Francisco, and everyone knows that plays ends in a massive earthquake. New Zealand trembles and quakes all the time. Japan is an incredible destination too.
    I also make decisions like not going to places with names like Monkey Forest if I don’t like monkeys. And crime isn't the result of Bali being popular, it is the result of global wealth imbalance.

    One of the worst videos I have seen posted.

  9. Bali was the first place I travelled to long distance from UK, I went twice with an experienced friend and then again on my own. Bali was wonderful, the people are so kind, peaceful, caring and funny. The only thing my friend and I, did experience were the dogs up a particular road to where we were staying in Ubud. The dogs would be asleep during the day but at night … the first time we came back to the hotel at night, we ran into the gates screaming, the second night decided to buy long pole to scare the dogs off, did not work, final time, asked Taxi driver if we could pay him to walk us back, which he did, with no charge and said to us "why you stay there if you no like dogs?", so simple hey, we moved to different accommodation and no dog problem! I am somewhat surprised you actually travelled there baring in mind how terrified you were of Bali even before arriving. I experienced nothing of the issues you have spoke about.

  10. Thanks Meghan.
    After traveling in 35 countries Bali is still my favorite because I like the SWEEEEEET people who make my life sweet.

    I have none of the beginner problems you mentioned motorbikes; bag snatching; dogs because I am ecovillager giving back to the Balinese, as way of life…not tourist….since 1989.

    I have very different view….life is not easy here, unless you are affluent, but it is wonderful.

    My SECRET: I do my best to be SWEETER than Balinese.

  11. You’re obviously not suited to Bali. It’s the safest place I’ve ever been to & that includes islands in the Pacific including Hawaii. Most crimes are perpetrated by foreigners. The Balinese people are friendly, polite & respectful but you don’t mention them or their culture. If you’ve restricted yourself to the Canggu area you would not have encountered much of Bali. I’ve driven to remote villages alone & met the residents of these villages & been treated much better than in any Western country.

    I’ve encountered earthquakes as well. The last one was 3 am one morning and I sat outside with my neighbour and ate Rambutan & other delicious fruit. When Mt Agung went up in 2017 we bought emergency supplies for the people who came down from the mountain. Bali isn’t just an exotic Island or holiday island, they’re everywhere. Bali is engaging with the people & their culture & its not really easy to do that from a tourist resort choc full of demanding tourists. Imagine how difficult it is for Balinese people to put up with the disrespect and ignorance of many tourists yet they do it & they do it gracefully.

    PS Best not to come to Australia where everything wants to kill you.

  12. So true about Ottawa. I am from Ottawa and beside my sisters house there was a murder about a month back and a friend of mine downtown had a few murders by their house the past few months. Maybe it’s just me but I feel it got worse this year.

  13. For information , lost le blanc with almost 2 million subscriber n from canada too , have been living in bali for 2 years……and in the future , he want build villa in bali , u can see in his vlog…….so people in this chanel, u guys want to hear from 32,000 subs or from 1,900,000 subs ? Lost leblanc love bali so much…..he allready go to around the world too……

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