Kuirau Park, Rotorua, New Zealand

Kuirau Park, Rotorua Rotorua is one of New Zealand’s most exciting and accessible holiday destination, and just 2.5 hour drive …


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39 thoughts on “Kuirau Park, Rotorua, New Zealand”

  1. Great and unique moment at 1:07 when the seagull passes between Phillip and the camera, a sequence that evoques clearly Hitchcock's Birds! 🙂 And after that, to see all the geothermal activities relatively close to Auckland is a bit spooky. Do you live at the edge of a super volcano there? Greetings

  2. This is littlely a few hundred meters from where I was born. Did you know rotorua is a caldrea of a super volcanic eruption approx 240,000 years ago as the magma chamber collapses creating the landscape you see today.

  3. my dear friends Phillip and Peter, wonderful places, beautiful views and great filming. i iked it! i looked with pleasure to the end.
    happy new year 2018.

  4. ▄▄▄▄ ─●●─▄▄▄─▄▄ ─▄▄▄▄▄▄
    ─██──██──██▄█── ─██▄─█
    ─██──██─▄██─██▄ ─██
    ▄██▄█────────── ▄██▄▄█ № 131 like great video I like it .

  5. very nice Video i like dear Friend ! Thumbs up!!❤
    ♥░░friends░❤░forever░░♥ happy new week !
    Thank you for all support to me.❤greetings from Susan

  6. Nice video 😀😀😀😀 HAPPY NEW WEEK

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