February 14, 2022 – Ottawa – Following the tabling of the 2021 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration, Immigration, …


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26 thoughts on “LATEST: Supplementary Information for the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan | Canada PR”

  1. Sir , I have submitted my PR application ( based on BC PNP nomination ) in the mid of November 2021 ,but still didn't get file number. Kindly advise in how many months I can Expect to have file number & PR !

  2. Hello i would build a hopeful analysis

    At december 2021 the FSWP backlog was by 54000 which is almost the same range of FHS PR during 2022.

    The range announced is PR that will land during 2022

    Meanwhile the range for 2023 will be 75000. And CEC candidate in the Pool are almost 40000 which allow 35000 for FSWP during 2023.

    And what we have already in the pool over 470 is 29000 candidate

    Hopefully the next draw for FSWP will be after july 2022, and match exactly with IRCC Memo

    If you think my summary is logical, i'd be honored to have a feedbaxk from you.


  3. Hello Ali bhai,

    As I informed you earlier I have bunch of questions so few are below. I hope my questions will get answered.

    1. Is IRCC and Express Entry are same profile? Or do we need to create separate accounts for both IRCC and EE.

    2. Do we need to create two express entry profiles for myself and my wife? (Whom and how to make one as primary applicant?

    3. If my wife is primary applicant but my NOC code is in demand in any province. So am I eligible to apply for such PNP programs?

    4. After applying for PNP's selecting one particular province initially. Can we delete our existing EE profile and recreate & apply for All provinces? And Vice versa also .

    5. Can we enter/ select multiple NOC codes related our profession while creating EE profile?

    6. Proof of funds can be shown from only applicant's account will it suffice?

    7. Once we receive ITA where do we need to apply that in our EE profile?

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Hello Mr. Ali, I have a CSR score of 492 point with a clb of 7 in French . Do you recommend me to low my crs points to aply under the OINP French stream? Or wait for a FSW draw? :/ Do You Know when the draws Will begin?

  5. Brother I applied under TR to Pr pathway in july 2021 , I havent got anything yet , did they made any announcement when they gonna clear all the backlogs under this specific pathway ? Thankyou

  6. Hi. based on the high number of Federal high skilled program for 2023 and 2024, I assume they are going to start sending FSW invitations again in 2022. The exact date, however, is unclear. What's your opinion Ali?

  7. I wonder y government is neglecting CEC all of a sudden, so many people suffering due to PGWP expiring and they reduced the quota to half!
    Is there a possibility of CEC draw happening before April at least looking at the assigned Quota, my CRS 470

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