Licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand in Sri Lanka

Obtain Specialized, Legal and Professional Advice about the best ways to settle in New Zealand! We will provide guidance and …


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4 thoughts on “Licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand in Sri Lanka”

  1. Hi I appreciate what you do for everyone..god bless…but what I said before..the Study aboard at kirulapone ..the lady Incharge she is the bad game played with me ..imagine…the lady is making like this to people..no need to talk about man…what bad man can do to people..and the lady is done bad to me ..for this others are encouraging the lady to do something against to me ..the reason why I always I asked her to refund my money..which I paid..the most important thing is ..no one able raise voice beyond to her..and no one have a right say to her ..Hai ..Madam…what your doing very bad..everyone is quite because of the job…..very sad situation they are going through…I’m very disappointed with them ..still did not receive what I paid them earlier..,they are not kind people…I feel so bad ..an for my experience I observed them lot ..they don’t have a ethical experience what they are doing presently I always asking my god to show me right decision for this matter….I know he’ll ..the reason why I’m looking for real place , to do my work process..and for my experience consultant always supporting and encouraging they are candidates..but this place I don’t see the encouraging part after Colecting money ..thank you ..kindly requesting I have a all the requirements please support me to get my visa done…l’ll come to your office ..help our to go through the right process…🖐🖐🖐

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