LIFE IN EASTERN CANADA during Winter. What's it like? + Best Burger in Halifax Nova Scotia πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

In this week’s video we’re discussing how we’re really feeling about our first winter home in Canadian winter in years! We’re …


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39 thoughts on “LIFE IN EASTERN CANADA during Winter. What's it like? + Best Burger in Halifax Nova Scotia πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦”

  1. Thanks so much for watching guys! πŸ˜€ Don’t forget to hit the 'thumbs up' button if you enjoyed the video and hit SUBSCRIBE βœ… (and that little bell πŸ””) to follow along on our travels. Stay Delightful!✌️- Anna & Trevor

  2. If you had moved to Halifax from Toronto, I bet you would be happy to see snow on the sidewalks that is actually white and looks like snow unlike the gray-brown crap it turns into in Toronto, ans you have to look at these piles of frozen crap for several months in a row because they will disappear only in May or something.

  3. This looks like peanuts compared to the prairies AND you get the ocean on your door step for a fraction of the price of Vancouver. I think my mind is made up. What is single life like there!?

  4. Anna n Trevor u guys look like a really nice couple so far n I noticed Anna how much Trevor loves u due the fact he always filming u walking , the way u do. Btw guys I didn't know Halifax is milder than Toronto , place where I do live. It looks so beautiful Halifax n I wish to visit it n eat some lobster lol. Cheers from Toronto. JosΓ© Luis

  5. Aren't you miss the beautiful island of the Philippines 😊 Thank you for making our country extra special on your vlogs.✨ Stay safe always πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  6. A little late watching this but love seeing all your outings, have been to many of the beaches nearby but cannot really remember my fav as it has been awhile – maybe Martinique? but further out I believe. Glad to hear your honesty as I am sure you are finding it difficult staying put. Not as frequent travelers as you guys but already missed out on 3-4 trips and would def be on a beach now!!

  7. thanks for showcasing NS, i moved here 12 years ago from the UK and love it, there are so many little gems around this Province, we are fortunate, (pre covid) to have lots of regular visitors and get to check out many parts of NS, but even now we still find new spots πŸ™‚ Cape Breton is stunning, we have visited there at least 6 times and still havent seen a moose ! the valley and south shore are other favourite spots for us. Nearer to my home in central NS, highly recommend tidal bore rafting for an adventure and you can stay in a log home and Victoria Park is a stunning place in Truro πŸ™‚

  8. My favorite beaches would be Clam Harbour and Taylor's Head Beach. Melmerby Beach is pretty great too. Those burgers looked amazing and I have not tried them but the best burger I have eaten in Halifax would have to be The Peanut Butter burger from Darrell's.

  9. You need to head out to the country, especially if you get a snowmobile going. The night sky seems really clear in winter weather for stargazing. There are countless trails through the forests for snowmobiling. Lots of places for warm fires and hot chocolate or stronger drinks. Just get out of the city.

  10. South shore beaches are the best in my opinion! (Mind the sharks πŸ˜…) I love Rissers + little Rissers, Carters, Hirtle, and Cresent! This summer my sister and I discovered a beach on second peninsula called bachmans.. and it might be my new favorite! 😍

  11. My husband and I are beach bums too and this pandemic has obviously put a damper on our travel plans….we are sooo anxious to get back to traveling again! 🌴🌊🌴🌊

  12. We're beach bums as well πŸ˜„ Canada in the snow is so pretty though! We were on Canada for Christmas in 2019 and it was nice to see what Christmas is like in the Northern hemisphere ❄❄❄

  13. I am in Halifax now I live there although the climate is stange. You get four seasons in the Maritimes although not like in Ontario where they are more pronounced. Winter is only moderately cold although damp. Spring is there you get it and it can be beautiful and lovely although is unpredictable and tends to be slower to climb than in some other areas of the country. Summer and Autumn however are more pronounced seasons in the Maritimes.

  14. Conrad's is such a great beach! It's my go to for close to home beaches. You must hit the North shore this summer, endless beaches! If you head that way I may have a few hidden gems for you to check out!

  15. Love that beach!! March has started brutally cold as well. Hmmm…first winter you have been home and it’s freezing…coincidence? πŸ˜‚
    I think something is trying to reinforce your need to travel during these months
    I love Taylor Head beach

  16. Point Michaud Beach (St. Peter’s, Cape Breton), Pondville Beach Provincial Park( Isle Madame, Cape Breton), Port Hood Beach , Cape Breton ( warmer waters on the Northumberland Strait). β€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸ„πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸŠβ€β™€οΈπŸ›ΆπŸ›ŽπŸ›ŽπŸ›Ž

  17. Favourite beach is probably Melmerby but there are lots of great beaches in Nova Scotia. I went to Martinique last summer for the first time and it is beautiful….I love to walk on the beach and Martinique is the longest beach in Nova Scotia…great for walking.

  18. Hey there Anna and Trevor.. great video today! It sure is interesting to see Lawrencetown beach in winter…I could almost feel that cold sea air coming at you. Intriguing and bone chilling at the same time! I would have to say my favorite beach in NS, is Kennington Cove beach in Louisburg! The drive out to it is beautiful, but the views from the cliff overlooking the beach is awesome…and there even a second beach just up the same road and it's just as pretty. We love the awesome waves here and we have body surfed and paddle boarded here maybe times , when we were younger! Don even took our canoe out there and had quite the experience riding the waves ! Made for some interesting photo ops! As far as a favorite beach in the warmer climates…it's pretty hard to beat Guardalavaca beach in Holguin , Cuba! We met folks there who live in Havana, but we're visiting family in Banes, a few miles away, and they even said it was a favorite of theirs! Loved the burger experience…you realize you are making it so we need to visit all these places now!!! We'll be checking this place out for sure this summer! Thanks for sharing this with us today. Stay safe ….Kiki. 😊

  19. You need to try to take a drive down the Eastern Shore in the summer to Martinique and Clam Harbour, they are all sand as far as you can see. While down along the Eastern Shore try to enjoy the fish & chip shops. Gazoo's in Porters Lake is a hit with the locals. A+ for the clams & home cut fries. The Harbour Brewing Company in Musquodoboit Harbour is a great hidden gem too.

  20. Crescent beach is my favourite because you can drive on it! You guys should try the Smashie burger from Side Hustle Snack bar. Pickford and black also has an amazing burger.

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