Anyone who is looking to Immigrate To Canada or looking to Get Canada’s work permit, LMIA and written Job offers are very …


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20 thoughts on “LMIA | Canada Job Offer | Canada PR | FSW Draw | CEC | Express Entry | How to get LMIA | 2022 | Tips”

  1. Dear sir, one of my friend is a PR holder in AB, in his company he is trying LMIA for me , what would be the further procedure and do i need ECA for the same? If Needed then is it standard ECA or immigration ECA? In Eca what document to be sent, Provisional certificate or transcript, please suggest I am confused. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Hi can GTS LMIA (temporary foreign worker program) with full time permanent job offer get additional 50 crs points?
    My current post graduate work permit will expire on July 2, 2022. My employer is helping me to extend my work permit based on Global talent stream. I completed 1 year experience with my employer on May, 2022. I received positive GTS Lmia yesterday and work permit extension is ongoing.

  3. If I find a high skill job during my PGWP period and then I create my EE profile, do I need LMIA if I want to stay with that employer in the same position? Thank you!

  4. Hi I need a help ! My uncle has limousine service center in Canada (Toronto), My husband done his studies related with technician side . How my uncle give us a job offer , can you tell me wt this that process ? Is it possible to get job offer that way

  5. Hi sir myself having 7 years work Expierence in UAE as a sales professional for factory automation products i am planning to immigirate to canada thorough LMIA kindly assist me sir🙏

  6. Hello Bro i hope you will be well i am uploading canada online application but they are required if your intended occupation in Canada is regulated, provide evidence that the responsible provincial, territorial or professional body has granted you the required licence or certification. So which document do I upload at this place?

  7. your information is good.I have got lmia in month of may 2021 still my agent has not applied for biometrics and work permit application.For how long is lmia valid in covid times. it will be great thing if you give the answer sir.

  8. Hi, I have one year experience as a community support worker in Alberta Edmonton. Presently I am nine months pregnant, I start my maternity leave on 2021/10/20.So I would like to know could am eligible apply for AINP.

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