Mackerel Fishing From Shore | Nova Scotia, Canada (2021)

Shore fishing for mackerel in Nova Scotia, Canada. On this trip, we went fishing in the Atlantic Ocean and caught approximately …


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24 thoughts on “Mackerel Fishing From Shore | Nova Scotia, Canada (2021)”

  1. They seem to be running good this year in New Brunswick too, there was a huge school of them feeding right at the surface the other day it was a legit feeding frenzy with hundreds of fish caught 10 feet from the shore

  2. hey man love the channel! 👍 the mackerel have just landed on the shores of northern ireland 2 its interesting they shoal across the pond too, may i reccommend soaking them a little in soy sauce over night then bbq or grill them it takes a mighty table fish to another realm

  3. Hey Logan, looks like you had a great day fishing for sure. I can't believe how flat calm the water was for you that day. Usually the water is a little choppy down that way. Nice looking stringers you had on. I love hauling in mackerel like that. When ever I had one on I would let it swim around and see if I could get a couple more hooked up. It was fun when they hit the hook and you knew the fight was on. The camera didn't really do justice for the size of the fish. They all seemed to be really small but that is just from the focus of the lens on the camera. I think that there was selective editing on this video for sure. I say that because it looks like you out fished your buddy about 10 – 1…lol I bet it was the other way around but you needed to make yourself look good for Youtube 🙂 I am going to have to try and get out somewhere that is easy for me and my walker to get to. Was this spot the place you told me about where you have the key for? I have never fished there if it is. Looks like an awesome spot for sure. Where was that first spot you stopped at along side of the road? It looked a little familiar but can't say for sure. Anyway take care and see you on your next adventure. Tom.

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