My Greece Travel Vlog! Watch my new Music Video for “Safe In Your Love” https://youtu.be/tRiMdDeKa-Y Subscribe to my …


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37 thoughts on “My Greece Travel VLOG! We landed in a storm! | Rosie McClelland”

  1. Heyyy, I’m Lola from London I clicked on this video and I was like OMG! I recognise this place! I go there every year woohoo! It’s called Sani I went to Porto sani tho 🫶🏻

  2. I hope you have nice hoilday away Rosie. You look so beautiful. Happy birthday to someone. Sending lots of love from NZ 🥰 I would love to go grease one day. Rosie dad is so nice and support of her. Beautiful family. I am not huge fan of airplanes. 🥰 Rosie a good at swimming and running on the sand the beach. Running on the Beach on the sand is hard. Love the beach 🏖️

  3. The girls seriously rock those outfits! I wanna know where u all shop for bikinis! I can’t find any nice ones but I love urs ❤️❤️😂

  4. Omg guys I can't believe you are in Greece! I'm actually from Greece and I work at this airport that you came to. Probably the day that you came I wasn't working. Also I have visited all of those beaches they are awesome!

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