I travelled the South Island, New Zealand back in August 2019, and its only now (7th April 2021) that I’m finally uploading this …


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37 thoughts on “New Zealand South Island | 10 Day Road Trip Itinerary”

  1. Great video Jimmy. Yes, Tekapo was the least correctly pronounced place name but never mind. For the tourists coming back here after the Covid shutdown, I think your stated travel times between the places shown are too short. If you had a fast car (rather than a campervan), they would be achievable but I would recommend adding at least 20% more time to each leg of the trip. Apart from the scenery, the road conditions and the speed of slower vehicles should be kept in mind. And a flock of sheep on the road can happen.

  2. This could be easily a 100k Banger if you had a hot girl to support the video 😀 Mad Props for everything! one of my favorite videos of all time, seriously!

  3. I remember doing a very similar road trip last year but I did it anti-clockwise. It's crazy that you packed all those activities and walks into 10 days. Great video!

  4. Thanks for sharing bro! Really nice scenery camera shots and narration. Well done with Maori pronunciation.👍

    Really sorry to see you were assaulted at Mt Maunganui. Glad they caught the bastard! Your a cool dude u didn't deserve it.
    Hope you return.

    Peace and Gratitude to you and your family.

    👍🇳🇿 NZ

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