A Nova Scotia Canada road trip is the perfect introduction into the Maritime region of the country. Nova Scotia, which means “New …


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37 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Canada Road Trip Guide to an Ocean Playground”

  1. hello, please can u tell me what i have to do to get that photo??? im going to nova scotia n ext week and im planing to go to that old town… do they rent the suit? love your video,

  2. Hello , to go to Nova Scotia….what do you need , A passport only ? Or a passport and a Visa ? A Visa ? Where do you get the Visa or how do I get the Visa ? Please reply…thanks….John Steelman from North Carolina.

  3. A couple of minor points:
    – Hall's Harbour. It sounded like it was pronounced Hell's Harbour.
    – Grand Pré: drop the hard d in Grand and Pré sounds like pray.
    – The Acadians were not persecuted as such. Under British rule, until the 1750s, the Acadians flourished and were generally left alone. Tensions and then war with France led to the sudden deportation of the Acadians.
    – Although Pictou and area claim to be the birthplace of New Scotland that is not really the case. That claim can actually be made by Annapolis Royal where the Scots settled, under Sir William Alexander's colonial scheme, in the late 1620s. The ruins of Charles Fort are located beneath Fort Anne.

  4. Loved the vid Mike! Very well shot, narrated and edited. Also love the songs used. Any way to find out what they are? Couldn't find them here or on your website. Soundhound has failed me this time. Thanks!

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