Muscat in Oman is famous for dazzling souks, gorgeous seas, trek deserts at sundown and amazing architecture & more. Explore …


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40 thoughts on “Oman Travel Tales Episode 2 – Top 7 Things To Do In Muscat | Curly Tales”

  1. let's go on vacation to Indonesia, there are many tourist attractions in each area.
    each region has a different culture and tradition from the regional language and food.
    If you are on vacation in Indonesia, don't forget to eat Indonesian food and remember that Indonesian food tastes spicy
    there are holidays to Indonesia;
    Riau-Kepri and Batam are adjacent to Singapore and the regional language is Malay, the same as Malaysia and Singapore Malay, the Thousand Islands Jakarta, Nusa Dua and Nusa Penida Bali, Puncak Bogor with views of tea gardens in the mountains and Indonesian Safari Park, Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo in Java. East, Lake Kelimutu and Komodo Island, Lombok, Gili Trawangan, North Sulawesi Bunaken Marine Park, Raja Ampat Papua, White Crater and Saung Angklung Bandung, Yogyakarta, Borobudur and Prambanan Temples, Tana Toraja South Sulawesi, Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi, Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Lake Toba, North Sumatra…..

  2. Oman sucks !!! Do nót visit Oman !!! They are exercising the SAME principles as in Japan. Get arrested quickly snd considered guilty before proven innocent ! Very difficult to prove one's innocence !! Éven one is réálly innocent. Moreover, as a foreigner, you are being watched by the secret police. Usually, it appears like two youngish male Omanis walking about 10 meters behind you, 'conversing' with one another with phones in their hands and dressed in their national clothes, the DishDasha. Do nót be fooled … Dó nót believe the words of others. They are all lying to keep their faces nót exposing their physical and financial losses !!!

  3. You speak arabic تكلموا عربي خير لكم لغة المستعمر دافعوا معناويتكم واللغة العربية أغني بكثير من الإنجليزية للأسف الشديد.

  4. Oman is a beautiful and very peaceful country .. Been to other GCC country … but I love Oman as the citizen of this country are very friendly and they will host you like their brother.. And telling about their food it’s just wow… welcome everyone to come and experience Oman and natural wonders of Oman .. Thank you All ..Stay connected. Love you all ❤️❤️❤️🇴🇲

  5. Oh my God, there is no such nice place in this country, I invite you to visit Iraq, really you will be shocked by the wonderful nature and beauty.and amazing food

  6. I love Oman ! The country and the people make you feel so welcome that you feel so comfortable like home. Moreover, the country is so versatile..
    Oman has beaches, mountains, desert, museums, great shopping malls, archaeological sites and amazing food! When you visit Oman I recommend you to book a tour with Azuz. He was our guide for 4 days in Salalah and really made our vacation a special time.
    You can contact him on whatsapp: +968 92444495 or on IG @salalah4tourist

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