Now you will need to show an increased amount as proof of settlement funds for your Express Entry application. IRCC Link is here …


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23 thoughts on “Proof of Funds Increased | #CanadianImmigration Update #ForeverHopeful #AskKubeir”

  1. For Making the first entry to Canada, is a bank statement sufficient or do you need to produce the letter as per the format ? I have enough balance and am confused if a bank letter is required or a statement will suffice. Thanks.

  2. Can you pls clearly elaborate the navigation where in the profile to upload the proof of funds! No site or you tube has explained that. Only place I see is where passport details are uploaded as a national document.

  3. Hello sir, you r doing great. I'm about to apply for FSW like I'm totally fresh for the process. I have some doubt regarding POF. The gift deed on FD of my mother's is eligible for POF?? Or should i have to release the FD and then i have to make gift deed?

  4. Hi sir… I received my ppr yesterday..but the name on my ppr is incorrect as my name is Harsimranjeet nd its written harshimranjeet i.e.extra H after S.
    What should I do?
    I already got it corrected two times during the process by calling.

  5. Unclear and conflicting details on who needs to do it. Once you say if sm1 profile is already in without ITA they need to do and then say only those who will submit after 8 June should do it?

  6. Hi Kubeir. My husband is CEC category I think he doesn't need to show any funds but my doubt is while applying for PR do I need to show funds? If yes may I know how much..I'm sincerely waiting for your response please help. Thanks in advance

  7. Hello sir, I am currently on study permit and in Canada. My wife and 1.5 years old kid are in India and my wife is working for a Canadian company located in Alberta. We need your advice on what kind of visa we should apply for?

  8. Hi Kubeir,

    My ITA date is 23rd Dec 2020, while AOR is 15th Feb 2021. I am waiting for my CoPR, so now do I have to share my updated bank statements/account maintenance ceritifcate to IRCC with additonal funds or Not?

  9. Hi kubeir , we expected more flexibility and fluidity but we are surprised by /
    Increased amount as proof +2 million backlog +more than 1.5 year in the pool without received LOI+ Language test will be expire in the coming months mean extra fees will be assume , i think that IRCC do their best to push us out or frankly to give up we are exhausted!

  10. Hi sir, I’m a student on one year program, my course will be completed in April 2023, do I need to enrol for one more year program immediately which will start May or can choose September intake in 2023.
    If I choose sept how can extend my study permit my study permit valid up to April, if I choose September will be counted as back to back program and can I work in that gap.
    Hope that will get response as soon as possible.
    Thank you for all updates

  11. Sir in my profile I have shown POF 16000 CAD for a family of 1 member. so do I need to increase that? because for the family of 1 member, it's 13310 CAD so I'm above that. But still want to be clear. kindly reply.

  12. Hi! I received an ITA from a PNP and in the initial express entry profile I wrote 34k cad for pof and now during my ITA profile, I only have 22k for a family of 3. (I didnt expect the nomination to be that quick) Will there be a problem with my application? Thanks

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