Sharing my tips on Safe travel during travel, How to plan your travel? Where to travel during this covid times?


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16 thoughts on “Safe Travel during covid | Where / When and How to travel ? | Some safe places”

  1. Your videos are so entertaining, loved watching this one! So autentic and genuine, the vibes of the channel always puts us in such a great mood. It comes through that you love what you're doing 😊👏 We create videos as well, you're welcome on our channel! Subscribe for more 🤙

  2. Great video with great thoughts! Thanks for sharing it! We did something similar in late October and early November timeframe – we drove from Hyderabad to Bangalore and then to Mysore and then to Ooty and returned. We too travelled on weekdays but had to spend a weekend at Ooty during our stay. But we timed the trip during the lull between Dusshera and Diwali. We chose good places to stay based on recent reviews on TripAdvisor regarding hygiene. Glad to hear you sharing similar thoughts! Keep the great content coming and happy and safe travels to you and your family!

  3. Hey Kishore, that was an excellent review on Dandeli. Thank you for recommending the unexplored & adventurous place like Dandeli to your subscribers. Stay safe and keep travelling. 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Actually it is a big issue weather to travel or not but I think you have cleared all doubts and everyone will travel with all Pricotions. Thnks sir nice vlog , waiting for your next travel vlog. 👍

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