Shelburne Best Eats on the Historic South Shore of Nova Scotia

Beaches, Lobster Rolls, History and Chowder – it’s all in Shelburne Nova Scotia! Shelburne is on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, …


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13 thoughts on “Shelburne Best Eats on the Historic South Shore of Nova Scotia”

  1. I live in Shelburne. I've eaten at all of these restaurants. With the exception of Mr. Fish, the standard is pretty appalling, making cafeteria food look like Michelin star quality. Even Mr.Fish is junk fast food, although prepared very well.


    I forgot the name of that places with Beaches, Lobster Rolls, Craft Beer, and Chowder in Nova Scotia. Thanks for reminding me of the name. Buenisimo!

  3. Just looking at that food you know it’s super tasty! We’re planning to move to Nova Scotia so I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube content on this province. One thing I really noticed about Nova Scotia is all the independent businesses/restaurants and that makes me super excited.

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