SpaceX Starlink Review – Setup & Starlink internet speed test. Buy Starlink?

Get ready for a Starlink speed test. SpaceX is developing a low latency, broadband internet system to meet the needs of …


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45 thoughts on “SpaceX Starlink Review – Setup & Starlink internet speed test. Buy Starlink?”

  1. Hey mate have you run some tests connected directly to the router via LAN? Does the ping come down at all over LAN? Congrats on the much improved speeds!

  2. Hey Ronan, when I look to put in my address in the service address. My exact address doesnt come up it's a village 10km away. Does this mean my area is not in service by Star link? Thanks

  3. Hi Ronan I’m also out in the sticks in the west of the Banner county and appreciate your Starlink introduction. May be the answer for me. Thank you 👍

  4. I live in rural West Limerick and barely have a 4g signal outdoors, nothing at all indoors and no wired or wireless broadband at all so I'd love to get this but did An Post or the revenue and customs people cause you any grief when it was being delivered? And is the latency noticeable, for example while using zoom or other video chat platform? I'll definitely look into to getting one if its not too difficult…

  5. When you showed what was in the box, I never saw a cable that goes from the router to a home computer. I also never seen a place to plug one in on the router. How would this work on a home computer?

  6. I'm a bit disappointed because they said it jumps to 1 GB speed so 300 is kinda normal if you're using optical fiber or the new 5G internet also what about the low latency they talked about? (it's more important than download and upload) I thought it's gonna be 9 or lower, if this is beta then I don't think we gonna see 1 GB speed in the future at all even after their service go stable.. btw the test he made is obviously good but there's not much Starlink users yet, if there's at least 500 thousands using the same satellite he used you'll see lower than 50 Mbps depends how many satellite they have in your country, it's more like a router channels if they get busy you get slow internet

  7. Muito bom amigo, acredito que é normal a oscilação da velocidade pois existe uma troca constante de conexão a o novo satélite que se aproxima, acredito também que essa velocidade pode não ser tão satisfatória a medida que novos usuários na sua região também utilizarem o mesmo satélite da Star link, a menos que a Star link também adeque a infraestrutura de acordo com a adesão de novos clientes. Claro que ainda é uma fase inicial da Star link e acredito que será incrível em um futuro bem próximo.

  8. so those satellites that run the star link system, they have to use a thermal electric devise to cool off there internal processors. high bandwidth usage might not be a thing to sustain for hours at a time… but if its sending out a daily que of predetermined traffic I guess that can be accounted to and dumped to a main server for a local celular/wifi/wimax service's… then what ever it left over for spontaneous connections after the main allocations, 130Mbs line often becomes 1.3Mbs…

  9. im kinda jealous of speed but boiiiii lemme tell you in poland the cost is humongus. 2k PLN for hardware? in comparasion to fiber its not very good option of broadband. for example cable 50 MBPS is 42 pln a month fiber 500 mbps is 90 pln a month and starink with its 300 or so mbps is 449,99?
    a month?
    this isnt right

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