You get WiFi Extender and WiFi Repeaters – what is the difference and what change can you quickly make to triple your internet …


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39 thoughts on “STOP making this WiFi Range Extender mistake and INSTANTLY get faster Internet!”

  1. Hi there, thanks for your content! We have a cottage that our wonderful neighbor allows us to use their WiFi in exchange for me cutting their grass. I currently Helios-Ex AC2200 and have it in our cottage and am repeating their signal. It works okay, but not the best and sometimes the incoming signal gets weak or lost. I have it in the best spot in our place I can find. I am wondering if you have any recommendations for a better unit than this that I could either put in the same spot or maybe an outdoor one I would mount outside? I have been researching like crazy and getting more confused than educated. Thanks man!

  2. Apples and oranges. I believe everyone that buys either an extender or a repeater want to use the repeater function. If they had the ability to run and plug an ethernet cable, they would straight up plug it into their system. This video should have ended with "an extender is also a repeater". Very convoluted for the sake of content. Who buys a 'Wireless' extender to use it as a 'Wired AP' ? Just this guy.

  3. This actually helped so much. I had mine on extender mode without a cable in my basement and now it's on access point mode. And my wifi is already looking better than before

  4. Huh, between the three tests, it seems like the extender was better than the repeater even when it wasn't wired directly to the router. Is that a common case? Because it seems like an extender is always the better option, even if you're using it 'wrong' by connecting it wirelessly.

  5. So now that I'm shopping for a Range Extender, I have a TP-Link 1750, I want to be able to get wifi in my attached garage and outside area. I can run an ethernet line out there for an extender. But I'm having a hard time finding which tp-link extender actually hardwires into network, and doesnt have an ethernet port to just wire in a device instead.

  6. With the repeater does it also have it's own network with "EXT" at the end or is it the same as the main router? Thanks for the great info.

  7. Is there anyway to tell how well a router is? I’m using the T-Mobile Home Internet, and when I’m plugged in I get 350+ speeds but over WiFi I only get like 80-11Mbps. I want to test to see if the Arc Gateway is just bad or what’s up with it.

  8. Hey man question for anybody who can before I get the device which one do yahll think I should get if I dont want to spend too much money and if possible can someone tell me if I should get a wifi extender or a repeater, because I'm trying to play stadia and I just bought a game on it. Gamepass actually works well sometime and it might stop for a minute or so but it usually come right back on but if your connection is not even remotely stable on stadia is shuts everything down

  9. Wonderful. Can you comment on the placement as far a height goes? How high does it need to be to get the most benefit? I'm using a WAVLINK AC600 to send a signal across the street. Would an extender or repeater be a better option? The AC600 is not giving me the signal I had hoped for. Thanks Liron. You're amazing.

  10. Great Video! But "usage" is something to keep in mind as well! As it's stated, an
    Extender with a LAN cable truly has faster speeds…but if it's "difficult" (impractical)
    to run a "cable" to where the extender "is", then one would happily be content with
    20MBs compared to poor reception (or none). At "grandma's" house to run a LAN
    cable through cement/crawl spaces/Drill Hole in Walls…the extender (or even repeater)
    makes more sense! Still get dependable wifi signal, can surf all day No Drilling Holes!
    True, maybe "gamers" might find the slower speed a problem, but surfing web, view
    Youtube, doing bank business, checking/writing email and a whole HOST of other
    things, WILL NOT BE AFFECT by the Extender/Repeater performance! You're looking
    at absolute "Technical Data"…not practicality! Most likely, only GAMERS will notice the
    slower speed! General Youtube viewing, emails, Amazon browsing, Ebay buying,
    Banking business…are unimpacted! Really great info of the overall differences! Thanks!

  11. I find with the extender, that my device (mobile phone) stays connected to the extender as long as possible (with a weak signal), even though I might be right next to the main router (with full/strong signal)… is there a way to resolve this issue?

  12. I discovered a booster WIFI box on room downstairs from my loft this box is causing millions of Surges and booms coming into my loft driving me CRAZY PLEASE HELP WHAT CAN I DO TO PROTECT MYSELF FROM THIS TORTURE! THEY SAID THEY REMOVED IT BUT ONLY MOVED IT. DESPERATE FIGHT FOR MY LIFE AND HEALTH. CAN'T RELAX IR SLEEP IN MY APT LOFT

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