The astronauts who learned about coronavirus in orbit! – BBC

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32 thoughts on “The astronauts who learned about coronavirus in orbit! – BBC”

  1. What you need to do is realise that in some footage the Earth is not spinning in one clip and in the next it’s spinning very fast and you can clearly see this so tell me dose the Earth start and stop spinning I suggest you watch the video again and you’ll see for yourself if you cba then around the 2 min 10 second mark you can clearly see this
    Tim Peake Your a fraud and a liar you’ve never been to space and that CGI You use sometimes back fires and this clearly indicates use of CGI Some of your other Astronots magically disappears you yourself have been caught out when the Late George Bush visited NASA HQ You can clearly be seen sat in front of a Blue screen and in the next your playing with an object trying to make the sheeple believe your in space when in reality the only time NASA took You to space was in your own imagination
    To all others calling me out do your own research
    Oh BTW Tim how’s your swimming coming along and I didn’t know you could get bubbles in space when your doing a spacewalk not only that the dude filming the scene can clearly be seen in a Astronots visor a figure in a snorkel with diving tanks
    Once again go do your research because this is officially NASA footage and not taken by some tinfoil pot head

  2. CGI, WHY! Why! why! can't people watch this and blatantly see CGI, spacewalks are just filmed in the swimming pool the train in with lights off! they get $8000000 a day, so yes they can fake this and compartmentalise the structure of nasa so no one really knows the details of what others are doing and they are US military!?!? plus they're mostly freemasons when you research the astronauts and the symbology they use.
    Watch this again and let the Cognitive Dissonance wash away.

  3. Gees, I hope none of them are Sci-fi geeks. This sure sounds like the start of a Zombie Apocalypse. : " Hey, just want to inform you we have a serious pandemic going on, nothing that will affect you too serious. " …. … " Hey, look ummm, your departure and the launch of the replacement crew will be delayed slightly, a minor problem with personnel and staffing due to a localized flare up, just a precaution "… " Ummm look, there will be no replacement launch as communication with Baikonur has been lost … we are working on programming your Soyuz to land 3 of you in Arizona. SpaceX says they can still launch from Andrews and will send a Crew Dragon for the other three… hopefully. "…. " No word from Arizona… Crew Dragon will splash down 5 mile off the coast of California…. good luck… It's been a pleasure ser……….."………………

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