THIS IS EDMONTON, Alberta | Move to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Welcome to Everything Edmonton Alberta. This IS Edmonton! If you are wondering what it is like to live in Edmonton, Alberta, …


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28 thoughts on “THIS IS EDMONTON, Alberta | Move to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada”

  1. Also, it snows here 8-9 months a year, with next to no city planning when it comes to construction. We have some of the highest housing costs in the world. This is the coldest major city on the planet and they only showed videos of summer… and people watching hockey in the summer… which never happens. The people are great and super helpful. The police aren't helpful and are almost scary aggressive. In terms of growth and market potential, Winnipeg is actually the best city. Dont get me wrong i love getting tickets every 4 days driving to work more then the next guy but Edmonton is about as bad as it gets for quality of life. This is coming from someone who has spent time in 8 major cities in Canada…

  2. Great. The only "small" disadvantage is the 7-month long brutally cold winters…rather than highlighting 2 months of summer and providing overal false impression of the city , the video should balance the facts and showcase what Edmonton truly looks like most of the year: brown, cold, ice and snow covered…

  3. Hi could you help us to take the right decision, we are in winnipeg and selling our house but very confused where to move? Edmonton, Alberta, Kitchener , Waterloo.. have budget around 6-7k , but main think is my son study. He is in grade 10 and here he will get aviation in his 11-12 grade , we called so many schools to check if he can get aviation in his next grade which is 11th but they said it’s not available there .. can you please let us know if aviation is there in grade 11-12 and if it’s good to move to Ontario instead Alberta… will wait for your reply

  4. Such good memories from Edmonton! I'm Italian and I've spent only 6 months in Edmonton but I fell in love with the city and its population since the very first day, miss it a lot!

  5. I used to live in Edmonton I moved out half of Edmonton voted for the NDP and you elected a liberal mayor a brown noser from Trudeau's own camp what did you expect you were going to get from a conservative government and your city mayor sohi crying on global TV I just had to laugh at you all you get what you deserve… nothing.
    Seems to me that the city's half full of trough sucking pigs. Isn't it funny now the trough dried up.

  6. the city of edmonton forced the reservation of Papachase to become displaced, either by chasing them out or by forcing them to sign their treaty rights away. those that refused to give up their rights were refused service and starved, many Edmontonians turned their heads and allowed this to happen. this is a racist country more like.

  7. Edmonton the city that really really wants vaccine passports. Give hour head a shake. The public and the freedom convoy is your notice we will not abide anymore restrictions. Do the right thing and stand down.

  8. im a international student from South Korea I have been studying in many cities in north america, Edmonton is the most toughest place I ever experienced. This city is quiet and peaceful, but in north side there are tons of Native gangs and that area is very dangerous.

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