Unsaid Reason Why Immigrants Leave Canada – Watch Before Moving Here

Unsaid Reason Why Immigrants Leave Canada – Watch Before Moving Here Student Immigration Success – FREE …


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25 thoughts on “Unsaid Reason Why Immigrants Leave Canada – Watch Before Moving Here”

  1. Hello can i get a link to where i can get sponsored jobs or jobs for international applicants… I have applied for many to no avail. The two i got feedback from are requesting for a walk in interview… I am an agricultural student and a farm Manager!

  2. Hey, I would really appreciate it if you could reply to this comment. I have applied for an undergraduate course at Sheridan, the duration is 16 months back to back. Up to how many years PGWP can I get?

  3. no school from no where is not recognized in shithole Canada,,,,the whole gov system is so so corrupt, everyone become homeless,, never get ahead in that shithole gov,,,, shet jobs,,, everything rip off

  4. Hi Max,
    Following your videos for some time now and as promoted by you, I have been trying to get in touch with Nancy since early March this year and until now I have not heard back. Any way that you can help please?

  5. The most corrupt Canadian gov, in front with Trudeau thef , crook, analfabet, the one who is stealing tax payers money. Canada become a SHITHOLE,,,,, disgusting, liers, thefts GOVERNMENT OF CANADA from QUEBEC…. SHITHOLE GOV,,,,

  6. Keep in mind that we can only build in certain areas due to treaties, and that mess still hasn't gotten sorted out yet. Nor have we fully upheld our obligations to the First Nation Communities.Though in that time their branches grew across the world. It is The First Nations and The Haudenosaunee Confederacy whose gifts have been passed but never acknowledged. Things are complicated…

  7. as a natural born Canadian I to am thinking of leaving you missed Trudeau policy's and dictator like attitude as part of your list with carbon tax attacks on oil production etc

  8. Well done! I'm very pleased you have found a place to thrive and grow here in Canada. Canada is much better country with you in it 🙂 Keep up the good work. Immigrants ARE a huge and vital part of Canada's future.

  9. Please tell me if I got study permit and come to canada and when I finish my education is it must to go back to my country or I can apply post graduate work permit and then work permit and then pr all doing in canada or must to go back and apply again please.

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