We Emigrated To Australia During A Global Pandemic | Move To Australia

Recently we emigrated to Australia during a global pandemic. In this video we explore the reasons for moving to Australia from UK …


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32 thoughts on “We Emigrated To Australia During A Global Pandemic | Move To Australia”

  1. If you could estimate my friend , how much money would you say you’ll need altogether to move to Australia . This including everything . Visas , housing and just everything . Just need an estimate . Any help will be very useful mate . Good luck with the future !

  2. Hi. Were you permanently employed when you were applying to Australia? If so, how did you go about telling telling your boss because the application does ask for contact details of your employer.

  3. Welcome to Australia!! I can't wait to get out of here. I hope you have wonderful experience unfortunately not my cup of tea

  4. Hi guys, your videos are great! me and my partner and our little boy are looking at making the big move and want to live in Queensland.. we have looked at so many different places what part of Brisbane do you live in your house looks ace.. we have travelled Australia but would like to come and visit to see where we would actually want to live its so hard choosing

  5. we were originally from WALES , cymru am byth , benn here now tad over 50 yrs …… i adore your littlun , when you can affotd a holiday . come to tassie , border laws allowing of course , drop by for a cuppa of a bevvy and juice for aurora . if you do we'll work out how to shoot you my addy and number etc

  6. I spent 2 1/2 years in Australia and it broke my heart to leave but I am praying I can move myself my partner and our daughter to Australia in the next coming years! I don’t want to raise my family in gloomy England! This video had been very useful! Stay safe 😊

  7. Hey . Well done on all your sucesss moving the other side of the world in a pandemic! Fab positive outlook! We have a 3 year old daughter who was born in Sydney Australia. We became citizens shortly after she was born. We had been living in Australia 7 years . When she was born we moved to UK to be closer to family which has been lovely for my daughters first few years . We never really thought about where our heart would lie .. UK or Australia after having our daughter. But we knew we would want to go back to Sydney before she started school to see how we felt and take her for 6 months to a year and decide then where is best for our family.etc. enjoyed lots having my family around my daughter in the UK.. However since the covid thing.. and the crap we have suffered in UK we are ready for an Australia long term visit. Luckily being citizens we can go and husband can work etc online but I guess my question is ' do you miss family ?. (Appologoes in advance for asking a personal question) .
    We are outdoors people we know Australian lifestyle is better for families and lots of opportunities.. (i used to teach yoga on the beach in Sydney- loved every moment) but .. I'm always so pulled.. raise my daughter and potentially more kids in sunny Australia with family far away or try and find a way of living in UK with Australian trips or moving later… (but then we get into schools etc). Was your decision hard? I have plenty of friends in Sydney but I'm very close to my UK family. Eeek.
    Heart strings…
    Also child care ..all these things ..
    Did your daughter start a nursey in oz?

  8. 16 April: have just seen your video about how you forced the issue when you had difficulty getting on the flight to Australia. Bravo! That is the Aussie way of doing things. To hell with bureaucracy! Just force the issue and it usually works. I am 72, retired in north Thailand for 12 years. My closest Australian friends are in Brisbane.
    I also know the UK very well, especially London and the southeast. Have a happy life in Australia. It is the right place for energetic, enthusiastic young people. Australians are not perfect, but are full of good wishes. So forgive them their faults and go ahead full steam.
    Best wishes.

  9. Please tell me what benefits can i claim in Australia as biritish family and medical or schools are free for children or not and can i claim children benefits in Australia if we have biritish nationality please reply me 😊

  10. Great video thanks for sharing🙂We missed out unfortunately as we couldn’t get our flight in time before the travel van came into affect. Myself, wife and 3 children have a visa which we hope to use as soon as the borders open up again 🙏🏻 fingers crossed the visas will be back dated to March/April 2020 as we really cannot wait to move to Perth.

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