Have you thought, what is web hosting? In this tutorial, I’ll explain how domains & web hosting work together with DNS settings to …


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34 thoughts on “Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners: Domain Registration, DNS & How to Host a Website Explained”

  1. I was at the point of slinging a brick thru my lounge window concerning so much gobbledegook around the web about setting up a website UNTIL your video here Ray ! You talk in layman's terms that I can understand with clear and concise presentation for the newbies to all this. Liked and Subbed with much Gratitude

  2. Ray I loved your videos I'm a beginner. Who has a job opportunity in the field been learning about A records mx for mail exchange. You have any great material I will absorb it watching more of your clips now.

  3. so i run a pest control business and would like to get my website on a page of course number 1 in the area but will be ok with just any page. i have a godaddy website. do i have to pay for a host to be able to somehow land on a google page? im new to this and not quiet sure what i have to do to make my page show up on google.

  4. Make sure that you buy domain name and the host with the same company. Other wise, you will have to wait 2 months to be able to transfer the domain name

  5. Hi, I am trying to create a website with JSP(JAVASERVLET PAGES) with a database where user register themselves and then enter products in database. Which domain provider is suitable for me? Can someone provide me A link or a video where I can see the steps to connect my code with the domain? Thanks in advance ☺

  6. Thank you for your great video and for helping others become more aware. I am really glad I found your video. Your Post is very nice and very valuable for every user. @OnliveServer

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