Did you know that 40 per cent of the cattle used for the production of Canadian beef are raised on the Prairies? Canada is the …


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11 thoughts on “Why Alberta's grasslands are the perfect place to raise cattle | We Are The Best”

  1. I'm an Albertan by birth, that is why I am part of the best. Liked this video very much, but was rather to short. Wish it had been about 10 minutes, thanks for sharing and keep up the very good work you are doing. Hoping to see you again in the next episode.

  2. Now if that Laurentian goes back to Quebec and tells his family, friends, and neighbours to vote Conservative, then they can all enjoy good old beef from Western Canada.

  3. Not any more little realize this but much of this crap now is halal. These crooked companies knowing these people would be more prevalent bought many companies in Alberta to across Canada and have made it halal. Not only is it legal where they do not have to tell you that such as in Britain all the meat nearly is this wild stuff. So check first before buying and ask if halal. If they say no it is not and you find out then slap a law suit on them. this should be illegal every place and companies should be forced by law to state it is halal or not. Sickening. Do you know Loblaws and many other places do .
    They actually sell packaged chicken etc halal at much higher price then when near bad repackage it and sell as regular. this should be against the law again we need to know what the heck is in our food. nothing to do with race this method is used by all muslim be it any color. It is simply we as a consumer have a right to know and I ask and make sure it is not and if found out it was I will slap such huge suits on each one .
    So protect yourself and make sure you are not eating imported beef claimed to be from Canada is another scam. they paid of political crooks like Trudeau top pass laws that you can claim it is Canadian if you have a office here.
    But they ship the product from india or other countries that do not have the same laws or health standards. one case recent of dollar like stores a chinese man fell in a vat of toothpaste. Instead of of course getting the man out they claimed they could not and he became part of the toothpaste and was sold to dollar stores here. Sickening stuff that is why Hershey and all these low lives move so they can sell us back products not safe half the time at much higher profits, Be leary of what you eat. For real alberta beef tripple aaa none halal now that is a good meal.

  4. Alberta beef is the best beef, no guff. The grass is nutrient filled due to a wonderful climate. The farmers love their cattle and provide them a great habitat resulting in happy cows. Some local farmers have even been providing toys for the younger cattle known as calfs to provide a wonderful life. Alberta beef is the best beef no guff. However I wouldnt pay 20 a piece for berta beef if it was Japanese waygu, not even if it was Australian waygu.

  5. Unsubscribing. One day this story (and/or similar stories) will be part of Canadian history – a shameful history of oppression, exploitation and horrendous injustice.

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