Why are SO MANY immigrants LEAVING CANADA?

Hello guys, in this video we discuss top 5 reasons why are immigrants leaving canada. Recent survey will claimed that …


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47 thoughts on “Why are SO MANY immigrants LEAVING CANADA?”

  1. A truth is Canada has lost all quality standards.. Even rickshawala, chaiwala, pancherwalas are also have Canada VISA… Canada means anybody can come, No Matters what ur education is, qualification is, even if ur arrogant, cruel can come so easily….Most who are immigrants from India they don't have basic manners to talk and they have Canada PR…. Reason is Trudeau wants Khalistan to grow and these people are arrogant, rabid in nature….. I had Canadian citizenship but I have returned it and back already…… People just go for status symbol to put a pic holding cake, hugging white people and put images on whatsapp status and then after 4-5 hours they crazy to see how many watched it….This is reason to go Canada….Weather is a critical problem…Very lonley country, sadness everywhere , NO SOCIAL LIFE MAN……Now Ukranians coming Canada…Just imagine every country rush is in Canada what is the future…Inflation 6.7%…. U canot buy house whole life and if i buy till death keep repaying the loan which is impossible as well….SO GET OUT OF THIS FAKE CANADA LIFE where people just being boastful and says I am in Brampton… WTF Brampton, how much prostitution is there one gets startled….. The word Brampton saying won't change your life span, won't change ur nature, won't change ur Karmas etc….This all is FAKE LIFE….

  2. Yes here we go again with some reality.Also all canadians are struggling not just immigrants.I agree do not immigrate here.If you were born here we all find away to cope with winter.There are many outdoor sports to partake in during the winter.The healthcare is very broken

  3. how about saying that Canada is a country for drug addicts and sexual degenerates?

    I will not live in a country where foolish men pretending to be women can legally go into a woman's bathroom. Do you know that schools guide teenagers to watch pornography? Do you have any idea what they're teaching your kids? Do you know that parents are not allowed into schools ?

    Canada isn't just bad, it's disgusting. Don't waste your money on that depraved bucket of shit for any reason. There are lots of other ways you can get passports and invest in your future.

    Canada is an economic disaster. It is country for the poor.

    head this warning from those who have lived and seen.

  4. We applied for PR. Got invitation for my family within 10 months. Landed in GTA in 2016. Stayed there for a one month vacation became PRs. Observed many things and spoken to many of my friends while I was there. Situation was pathetic in a nutshell. Went back to continue my job in Middle East.
    For 3 4 years I thought about what should we do. Should we move or not.
    Ultimately decided to let go the PR status & not Waste my savings on this PONZY scheme.
    Still working in Middle East and in Europe, family shifted back to India purchased a premium apartment a nice car. With our foreign savings I can easily retire in India – I'm still 39!

    Best decision ever!!!

  5. A mistake happened in my brother's file, we forgot to do signature on itr computation, file submitted on 8 april and fingerprint done on 13th April , what should we do now?

  6. My husband's brother went there with a work permit…he struggled hard for 2 years..now he bought a home by applying for a loan…he is good with a happy family.. We are planning to move there…because after 10 years the IT sector has no scope as my hubby is working in it..as I am planning to continue my nursing there ..

  7. For men, another downside of Canada is that in the summer you see so many good looking girls – but talking to any of them could get you arrested and jailed…. if not you will get cold responses…. Canada is only good for married couples….. then is the issue of divorce courts and family law system that strips men of their assets….

  8. im born in Canada and im 55 years old and i hate this destruction of my home land i have been so depressed watching my country called multicultural when only liberals call Canada this war needs too come and stop this terrible crime Canada is and always will be a Christian country

  9. I've been reading down every comment and the responses, the canadian situation is just like what Brazil been experiencing for the past, I dont know, 50~60 years? The welfare politics always tear the economics of a country down, is the people that sustain this with their taxes but once the taxes are way too high people flee from the country

  10. Canada is in crisis at the moment, with no competent government at the helm. Us born and raised Canadians who love this country are seeing our federal government gutting this country for all its worth, and selling it overseas – with nothing we can do about it.

  11. chutiya country hain be……tooooo much corruption in construction , real estate . sirf bahar se acha marketing karke they show gr8 country,,,,pure world ko bc bana rahe ho….ur indian qualifications are useless here… go to usa, australia or rather stay in india in a metro city. would you like to live in a failed economy?in which a 30$ job is considered a treasure/gold mine which you should never leave …especially in vancouver. yaha pe corruption is hidden well unlike india

  12. For the last couple of years, these you tubers ve been promoting Canada.Asian people especially Indian were getting lured to settle there. It's just a vlog click bait to get more views nothingelse. The day when all these cheeky you tubers will start leaving Canada then u think Tide has gone against Canada. Till then People are crazy to clean Canadian toilets, cleaning their roads.

  13. The US has millions of vacant jobs right now which serves as a strong magnet for Canadians to go south of their border. Another factor is that folks nowadays have more options to earn online so if they can do it in a country with a much lower cost of living and be able to travel as a bonus you can't blame them for moving elsewhere on the planet. I've also read that even PR holders have been renouncing their residency status due to the eTA. Something which is a very rare occurrence among green card holders in the US. This is the breakdown of the most recently available data and the list of nationalities is by no means complete;

    Numbers Renouncing Canadian Permanent Resident Status

    Last 18 months 2015

    Britons 2,500 305

    Australians 509 30

    Germans 571 150

    French 775 117

  14. Bakwas country…no jobs…high housing rates and high rentals…high taxes…waste heath care which is not usrful when u need…poor education …worst weather …no social life…low salaries

  15. The problem is that Canada choice to follow America capitalism steps wish i thing that is very suicidal for the existence of Canada they already have probleme with demographics birth rates ! The Canada government dont realize with the ego of politicians and self corporate interest the country wil risk to fall again ! The real danger for the nation to go bankrupt they will be no young generation to generate revenues in order for Canada to survive specialy that young generations find themselves caught into expensive incontrolable cost of living and the burden of high taxations !

  16. Move to Canada if you want to rent for the rest of your life. I have two adult children living at home who have good paying jobs. They are unable to keep up with inflation and save enough for a downpayment on a home. Taxes take 45% of their income at present. It's a sad situation for Canadians, can't imagine what it would be like for most immigrants…..rents are also going up as demand for housing soars.

  17. To all the people complaining about health care. I had bladder cancer next day treatment and two hernia operations. No problem. Chances are you will never own a house.

  18. Hi thanks for the vedio. Just one question so now minimum how much Canadian $ should one get as savings before coming to Canada? Ofcourse it depends on std of living however, approximately how much would u foresee if one lives a decent not an expensive lifestyle

  19. As long as you don't have stability inside you it will be difficult even in home land !! Today's difficultly only made people to look out for opportunities in different land, then what is the question in regretting after moving to different land.

    Be stable and be strong ! You will sail through

    Immigration is not for lazy ones or for people who thinks everything should come to their doorstep.

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