Why I Moved to Dubai

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49 thoughts on “Why I Moved to Dubai”

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  2. Bruh a few days ago i went to the airport of dubai so i could get a flight to iraq to see my family and everyone there was looking at us strangly because we didnt dress like them and we were not their religion and dubai was my dream country what a shame

  3. Thank u for ur videos this and the one with Steve Harvey….I'm about to move to Dubai with my entire fam to Dubai from Africa n wish we'll find it home too…can u be with us on this journey?

  4. i feel like one other thing you should point is dubai is made for rich people(yes i know you interviewed the guy who said he had no money but yeah generally speaking its fun and awesome and amazing if you are a rich person) and even then there are questionable issues i have heard about.

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